Win10-FinishedMicrosoft have announced their next version of its operating system with Windows 10 and released a technical preview version. As this is a preview version it is recommended to not install this on your primary PC. I have chosen to to install this with VMware workstation as a virtual machine.

To install the Windows Tech Preview, you need to sign up for the Tech Preview insider program and download the ISO from This is easy enough done with just your Hotmail/Outlook account.

Launch VMware Workstation 11 and on the Home page launch the ‘Create a New Virtual Machine’ wizard.

Select ‘Typical’ Click Next

In the next step of the wizard, select Installer disk image file and point to the Windows 10 ISO you downloaded.Win10-installer

VMware Workstation 11 has a really useful feature called ‘Easy Install’ which will run through the Windows Installer for you. All you need to do is fill in the following information:


You may notice the version of Windows to install is set at ‘Windows 8.1’, this is due to the fact Windows 8.1 uses a similar kernel to Windows 10.

The next step in the wizard is to choose a location to install the virtual machine. It is recommended this is left in the default location for consistency.

You will next be asked to specify disk capacity and how you want the disk to stored. I chose to store the disk as a single file as this will get the maximum performance out of the VM. If you do plan on moving this machine around it is best to select ‘Split virtual disk into multiple files’ although this may reduce performance it will be easy to move the machine.Win10-Disk

VMworkstation will automatically configure the resources required to run a virtual machine however if you do want to give the machine more Memory or another CPU you can do this by clicking ‘Customize Hardware’


Once you are happy with the setup click finish and Windows 10 Tech Preview will install. (This may take a while)


On initial boot the VMware tools will be installed automatically and Windows 10 will then reboot.


That’s it; you’re now running Windows 10 Tech Preview!